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Way To Go: Our Private Label Range for Acting Fairly

Lidl takes responsibility for the people in its supply chains. Our Way To Go private label range reflects this – and also supports
better incomes, training opportunities, greater gender equity, and more transparency. While the conventional farming of many critical raw materials barely provides a living income, Lidl and its Way To Go products in collaboration with Fairtrade are contributing to establishing a living income for producers in the long run. So it's only logical that we continue to develop and expand this commitment. This will allow even more people in our supply chains to benefit from fair trade with an even greater impact. Our customers can make a lasting difference when they choose to buy these products. Good For You. Good For People.

The Three Key Pillars of the Way To Go Concept

The Impact of Our Way To Go Products



So far, over 2,220 cocoa farmers from 27 Ghanaian municipalities benefited from a higher income, among other measures – just under 30 percent of the farmers were women.



Our coffee from the Way To Go private label range allows coffee growers to invest in a sustainable future.



Around 400 Tanzanian small-scale farmers are supported by the collaboration with the UWAMI cooperative in Tanzania and Fairtrade, among others.



Our juices from the Way To Go private label range allow fruit growers to benefit from ongoing funding projects.

Way To Go: A Complete Success for the Local People

Martha Kyeremah - VSLA

„I am a cocoa farmer and secretary of our Village Savings and Loans Association. There, I learned how to save money and borrow wisely. It helps a lot.” (Martha Kyeremah - VSLA)

Joyce Pinamang - Cocoa and Yam Farmer

„I received 700 yam seedlings and planted them with success. Next year I want to expand because I'm sure it will bring me additional income.” (Joyce Pinamang - Cocoa and Yam Farmer)

Obeng Amoako Timothy - Cocoa Farmer and Beekeeper

„We know that making honey helps us. To gain money and to help our farmers group progress.” (Obeng Amoako Timothy - Cocoa Farmer and Beekeeper)