We take our responsibility to comply with human rights and environmental due diligence obligations seriously and aim to drive improvements in our supply chains and our own business through targeted engagement.

As a leading retailer, we see it as our responsibility to respect human rights, protect the environment and prevent potential risks and make Lidl fit for the future, taking into account the entire value chain.

Information for our business partners

We share responsibility for our supply chains and their effects with you as a business partner. The Code of Conduct defines our human rights and environmental expectations of you as our business partners. We have updated it to meet the increased regulatory requirements.

To ensure that these expectations are also implemented in our supply chains, we would also like to familiarize you with the topic. An key measure in this regard is our ten-minute online training, which we make available to you in the form of a video. The video is freely accessible and can be used as a training document or as a guide for the required training content.

You can select the employees to be trained yourself.

A better tomorrow - assume responsibility

For us, assuming responsibility means working on the questions for which we need answers today and tomorrow. This applies above all where our actions have an impact on people and the environment.

Further information on our sustainability commitment can be found on our website.