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Our responsibility

Our Understanding of Sustainability

We take responsibility wherever our actions as Lidl affect people and the environment.

Acting responsibly is our way of meeting our promise of quality every day anew and protecting our environment for the future. We look at the whole value chain and we hold to the principle of simplicity.

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Without Microplastic

Plastic is omnipresent in our everyday life. It enters our environment via different routes and pollutes our waters and seas. Even the smallest plastic particles from cosmetics and care products are one of the many sources of environmental pollution. Lidl has therefore set itself the goal of removing these smallest plastics, also known as microplastics, from its formulations. More information here.

Save Water

For Lidl, clean fresh water is not a challenge of the future, but we are already acting now to protect this vital resource. Lidl is aware of its responsibility as a food retailer and therefore considers the use of water throughout the entire value chain. Lidl also wants to make its customers aware of the issue of water and shows how everyone can contribute to saving water.

REset Plastic