Farmers with an apple

Transparency in our supply chains

Transparency is a key factor in improving sustainability performance across global supply chains. At the start of 2017, Lidl became the first food retailer that also offers a range of non-food products to publish a list of over 600 textile and footwear manufacturers involved in the production of its range of own-brand products. In April 2020, we were one of the first food retailers worldwide to publish information about the independent producers of our food products. These regularly updated lists include the names, addresses and countries of all the main production facilities. The list for the food assortment includes manufacturers of animal products, baked goods, coffee, tea, beverages, snacks and confectionery. We also publish a list of the manufacturers of our range of tobacco products, cosmetics and cleaning products. Lidl also publishes information about the suppliers for its non-food assortment, including suppliers of hard goods such as toys, sports equipment or garden furniture.

Our Food Suppliers

We also place great demands and importance on transparency in our food assortment. That is why Lidl is also one of the first food retailers worldwide to publish information about our independent food, fruit and vegetable suppliers. The food list also includes information about the suppliers for our range of near-food products, such as tobacco products, cosmetics and cleaning products.

We also provide transparent information about the supply chains for our food products down to the producers. This information is currently available for our tea, strawberry and banana supply chains.

We work hard every day to continue to improve the quality, safety, and sustainability of our own brand products in the food segment along the entire supply chain. Lidl offers products for balanced nutrition and consciously supports purchase decisions with clear labels and recognized seals. An additional focus in designing the range is on organic products, regionality, and fair trade.

In our supply chains for fruit & vegetables, we also work together with recognized standards, such as GLOBALG.A.P GRASP, and require corresponding certifications. Evaluation by external auditors enables us to systematically assess all of our farmers/producers based on fundamental social and ecological indicators.

The list of banana and strawberry producers reflects the producers that are approved for delivery to Lidl at the time of publication. Due to multiple, varying circumstances in our supply chains, such as weather conditions, it is possible that we do not purchase goods from all of the listed producers. At the same time, in rare and exceptional cases, it may be necessary for us to purchase goods from additional producers that were not planned at the time of publication. Before delivering to Lidl, these producers will be registered for our supply chains, which will ensure that they also meet our requirements.